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Since we have been home, her overall ability to behave and do as we ask is by FAR improved. This of course makes for a more happy us and in turn a more happy her.

HUGE thank you's for helping us with our "terrifically terrible terrier" that we adore!

Carolyn (Echo's Owner)


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I provide numerous services, designed specifically for terriers and their guardians.  

If you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I offer Private, In-home Lessons to address your dog's behavioral issues, or simply help you to motivate your terrier to follow household rules and respond obediently.  I am happy to travel outside my regular service area - within reason - at no extra charge for Terrier owners. 

I also offer a group class for terriers only, called Terrier-rific Basic Manners, but don't offer this as frequently as I once did due to time constraints.  That being said, if you join one of the other Introductory Group Classes that I instruct, you are sure to get specific terrier advice from me!

If you live outside the Seattle/Tacoma area, but would still like advice from a terrier expert, I offer Phone Consultations to address most types of behavior problems over the phone.  

$15 for 15 minutes ... $30 for 30 minutes ... $45 for 45 minutes ... $60 for 60 minutes

Phone Consultations


Terriers - Why Are They So Different?

Intelligent and loyal, but also what I would like to call "overconfident", are words that best describe the personality of a terrier.  This article is based upon my long-term experiences with my own and my clients’ terriers.  Terriers have a mind of their own, and in many circumstances I have found them to be able to outsmart us.  Most of the time they seem to know us much better than we actually know them.  They think faster than we do and get into trouble faster than we can stop them.  Anyone with a terrier in their lives can understand this concept.  Their personalities require patience, commitment and most importantly, understanding.  One must be able to accept a terrier’s stubborn personality and learn to work with and modify it.  I call it mutual respect.


Some training methods talk about dominating your dog, or trying to "become alpha".   To try to dominate a terrier is an impossibility, in my opinion.  To give an example, as a child I was always told that when my own terrier would growl I should grab hold of his muzzle and shake forcefully.  Guess what he would do as a result?  He would bite me, every time.  I soon found out that this tactic of physical dominance was not effective with him, it just made the situation worse.  I then came up with another idea.  Why not reward and praise him for behaving correctly, and ignore or redirect his outbursts and stubbornness.  Many people gave me their opinion on this "ludicrous" idea (this was back in the late eighties), but the funny thing was, the idea worked. He begin to offer more and more appropriate behaviors and less and less inappropriate behaviors.  In fact, we were able to excel in high level competition obedience using positive reinforcement.  


This example just proves how different terriers are from some other breeds. Reprimanding them often causes increased aggression and stubbornness. To work with a terrier one must return to the idea of mutual respect.  I feel that if we respect their "overconfidence", they will respect our leadership.  Instead of forcing them to behave correctly, simply ask or motivate them to behave using things like food, toys, praise, and interaction. They will be much more likely to respect our opinions and leadership if we respect and understand their personality.  

Lastly, keep in mind that I have met very few terriers that didn’t take more work to train than the average dog, but they are well worth it in the long run.



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