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 Let's start with an analogy.  Let's say you need your taxes done.  You drop off everything at your local tax prep company.  You pay them to prepare and submit your tax return. You do it this way because you want a professional to get it done right, quickly, and with little input from you.  You don't pay them to help you do your own taxes.  You pay them to do it for you.  Because, that is their job and expertise. 

Dog Training is no different.  A professional dog trainer can get results faster, progress more quickly and accomplish more in less time.  We learn what makes your dog tick, and then we get right to it, training your dog as a professional should.   Simply put, with Day Training, we train your dog for you!  This means that you accomplish MORE in LESS TIME. 

This is a great option at the moment, because you don't need to come to a class with other people, and you don't need to meet with a trainer regularly.  Day training is also helpful if you don't feel confident in your training skills.  Or, maybe you simply don't have the time to work with your dog.  That's okay.  That is OUR job.  

Our day training programs specialize in behavior modification, problem solving and positive guidance for dogs of all ages.  We have programs for puppies, adult dogs and even dogs with aggression or reactivity issues.  

You will have the opportunity to speak with us over the phone or by email before training begins  During our conversation, I will get to know you and your dog, and get a thorough idea of the skills your dog needs and any problem behaviors you would like to correct. 


Then, I will work with your dog three times per week, typically in your yard or neighborhood, for three weeks.   Visits are typically 45 minutes long.  


At the end of each week, training skills your dog has learned will be transferred over to you, so that you can make progress as we go. 

Service Area
South King County, WA

This is the first step with day training, currently accomplished via email or phone.  I will get to know both you and your dog, assess the problems at hand, and devise a plan to suit your needs and goals.

Intake Lesson

Free of Charge

  • 3, 45 Minute Lessons Per Week for 3 Weeks

    550 US dollars
  • 3, 45 Minute Lessons Per Week for 3 Weeks

    550 US dollars
  • 3, 45 Minute Lessons Per Week for 3 Weeks

    550 US dollars

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