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Is your dog doing something you wish she wouldn't? 


Or not doing something you wish he would?

We can Help!

Making Tails Wag Since 1997

Pet Parents only want the best for their pets.  Our Canine Behavior Expert can create a custom curriculum designed to help Puppies and Dogs of All Ages, Breeds and Skill Levels. 

We want to make sure you get exactly what you need, which is why we offer both Group Classes as well as Private Lessons. 


We specialize in helping dogs with social anxiety - dogs that are fearful or reactive in stressful situations.

All with Positive, Dog Friendly training methods.

Jennifer Schneider
Group Classes

You can come to us!


We offer a wide array group classes at Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA.  

From puppy classes for your new family member to pet manners classes for the basics.  We even have classes for dog with fear or aggression tendencies.  As well as classes for therapy work and rally obedience. 

We keep our group class sizes small so that we can give each team our focus, attention and specific support.

Private Lessons

We can come to you!


If you live in South King County, our behavior expert can come to your home and meet with you one on one, in your dog's normal environment.  


We can customize a training program to fit your needs and budget.


We can help with everything that comes along with having a new puppy, address common, as well as more complex behavior problems, as well as assist with obedience training. 

Day Training

Simply put, with day training, we train your dog for you!


This doesn't necessarily need to happen during the day; it can happen anytime, but we do the work and you reap the benefits of a well trained dog. 


We know that not everyone feels skilled enough to train their dog themselves, or they simply may not have the time.  This is ultimately our job.   We have different programs for puppies, adult dogs and even dogs with aggression or reactivity issues. 


We'd love to hear from you

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