Group Training Classes

Our classes are held at Argus Ranch Agility and Training Facility in Auburn, WA


We offer a wide array of small group classes for dogs of all ages, breeds and skill levels.  You will receive individual attention and advice from a highly educated trainer, with many years of experience.


Puppies can start classes as early as eight weeks old, as long as they have their first set of shots.  Our puppy classes provide a combination of socialization, training and problem solving. Don't wait to socialize your new puppy!  Puppy classes are rolling admission, so you can join whenever you are ready.


Dogs who are four months old and older can start their journey in our Manners Classes, where our goal is to help you to have a well mannered dog, both at home and in the community.  Not only do all of our classes provide obedience instruction, but they also educate you on the behavioral needs of your dog. 


In fact, we also offer Reactive Rover classes, which are specifically designed to help overcome fearfulness and aggression towards other dogs.


We always encourage family participation in training, with easy to follow instructions and one-on-one advice.  Plus, we only use a Positive and Dog Friendly Approach to training, so you won't have to worry about harmful equipment or forcing your dog to behave.  We teach you how to motivate your dog to behave using rewards such as treats, toys, attention and real life rewards.

Argus Ranch

Training Barn

35612 212th Way SE

Auburn, WA 98092

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This class is ideal for new puppy owners with limited experience in raising a puppy.  Learn practical solutions to the challenges of puppyhood - including puppy biting, crate training, potty training, problem prevention and other puppy matters.  We focus on engagement, relationship, socialization and basic life skills and concepts.  This is a rolling admission class, so you can pick and join any week that has an opening.

Puppy Kindergarten
for puppies 2 - 4 months old

4 weeks for $170
Happy Dog

Foundation manners class for dogs that are overly exuberant, bouncy, and bursting with energy.  It can also be appropriate for dogs with excitable reactivity. These are often adolescent dogs, who we need to lead in the right direction, so that they will become well mannered adults with good listening skills.  Topics include attention and focus, leash manners, polite greeting, coming when called, impulse control and training games.

Rowdy Dog Manners
for dogs 4 months and up

6 weeks for $210
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Foundation manners class for dogs and puppies of all ages.  We focus on teaching good manners through rewards and engagement and training games.  Puppies and adolescent dogs can start their training journey in this class, but its also perfect for dogs just getting settled into a new home.  Even for older dogs who need a refresher. Topics include attention and focus, leash manners, polite greeting, sit and down stay, coming when called, leave it, drop it and impulse control.

for dogs 4 months and up

6 weeks for $210
Companion Manners
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Does your dog bark, lunge, growl, snap or pull towards other dogs while on walks? This six week class is designed to help fix on-leash reactivity towards dogs when out and about in public and on walks.  You will learn management skills, focus and attention techniques,  and replacement behaviors. You will also learn to read dog body language, techniques for relaxation, and helping your dog perceive other dogs as positive through counter conditioning and desensitization.

Reactive Rover
for reactive dogs 1 yr and up

6 weeks for $350