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Group Training Classes

Our classes are held at Run Wild Dog Sports and Training Center (formerly Argus Ranch) in Auburn, WA


We offer a wide array of group classes for dogs of all ages, breeds and skill levels.  You will receive individual attention and advice from a highly educated trainer, with many years of experience.


Puppies and dogs 16 weeks and older can start their journey in our Companion Manners Classes, where our goal is to help you to have a well mannered dog, both at home and in the community.  We even offer a class just for Rowdy, High Energy Dogs.  And, not only do all of our classes provide obedience instruction, but they also educate you on the behavioral needs of your dog. 


In fact, we also offer Reactive Rover classes, which are specifically designed to help overcome fearfulness and aggression towards other dogs.  As well as classes geared towards CGC Certification, Therapy Work and Rally Obedience.  


We always encourage family participation in training, with easy to follow instructions and one-on-one advice.  Plus, we only use a Positive and Dog Friendly Approach to training, so you won't have to worry about harmful equipment or forcing your dog to behave.  We teach you how to motivate your dog to behave using rewards such as treats, toys, attention and real life rewards.

Run Wild Dog Sports and Training Center
35612 212th Way SE
Auburn, WA 98092
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