Group Training Classes

We offer a wide array of small group classes for dogs of all ages, breeds and skill levels.  You will receive individual attention and advice from a highly educated trainer, with many years of experience.


Puppies can start classes as early as eight weeks old, as long as they have their first set of shots.  Our puppy classes provide a combination of socialization, training and problem solving. Don't wait to socialize your new puppy!


Dogs who are six months old and older can start their journey in our Manners Classes, where our goal is to help you to have a well mannered dog, both at home and in the community.  Not only do all of our classes provide obedience instruction, but they also educate you on the behavioral needs of your dog. 


In fact, we also offer Feisty Fido classes, which are specifically designed to help overcome fearfulness and aggression towards people or other dogs.


We always encourage family participation in training, with easy to follow instructions and one-on-one advice.  Plus, we only use a Positive and Dog Friendly Approach to training, so you won't have to worry about harmful equipment or forcing your dog to behave.  We teach you how to motivate your dog to behave using rewards such as treats, toys, attention and real life rewards.

Our classes are held at our spacious, climate controlled location in Kent, WA, just north of Kent Station.

Classes are 50 minutes
6 weeks for $175

Kent Memorial Park

Multipurpose Building

850 Central Ave North

Kent, WA 98032


Your puppy will have the opportunity to play off leash with other puppies, get to meet and greet lots of new people, explore safe agility equipment, and learn age appropriate obedience skills.  This includes sit, lie down and relax on a mat, wait at doors and at mealtime, come when called and walk nicely on leash.  You will receive customized solutions to the problems you are having at home, such as puppy nipping, potty training, chewing and other destructive behaviors and jumping up.

for puppies 8 weeks to 6 mos
Class Schedule
Puppy 1

In this introductory dog training class and your dog will learn to sit, sit and stay, lie down and stay, walk on leash without pulling, walk with you, come when you call, leave it, and lie down and relax on a mat.  You will be shown how to use these behaviors in real life situations, with and without treats. Your dog will learn to sit to say hello to people and to approach other dogs calmly.  You will receive customized solutions to help with the behavior problems you are having at home. 

Manners 1
for dogs 6 months and up

Our Feisty Fido classes are designed for dogs who behave inappropriately in social settings - barking, growling or lunging at people or dogs.  Learn specific, scientifically proven techniques to help your dog to relax in these settings.  Provides gradual and controlled exposure to dogs and people, while teaching obedience skills that are incompatible with reactivity.  


No dogs for the first week of class.

Feisty Fido 1
for reactive dogs 1 yr and up
class is limited to 3 dogs

You and your puppy will continue training in the same format as in Puppy 1 - alternating between socialization, obedience training and problem solving, with more in-depth training material.

Puppy 2
requires completion of
Puppy 1

You will continue working on the obedience skills from Manners 1, but with a higher level of difficulty, distraction, and distance.

Manners 2
requires completion of Manners 1

You will continue teaching your dog to behave in the presence of dogs and people, but at a closer distance, and with a larger focus on obedience training.

Feisty Fido 2
requires completion of
Feisty Fido 1

Rally O is basically a combination of obedience and agility, where you have a numbered course, but instead of agility obstacles, there are fun training games at each station.

Rally Obedience
requires completion of Puppy 2 or Manners 2

Gain the skills needed to bring your dog into nursing homes, hospitals, and children's groups.  We will prepare you and your dog to complete the TDI Therapy Dog test. 

Therapy Prep
requires completion of Puppy 2 or Manners 2