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About Jennifer Schneider

Jennifer is a long-time Washington resident who has worked for 25 years as a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist and made it her goal to ensure that her students have the tools and techniques they need to raise a great family dog—dogs that can live happily and successfully in our homes and in our community.

Her specialties include fear, reactivity, aggression, and other complex behavioral concerns.

When she graduated from the University of Washington in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, she was one of very few positive reinforcement trainers in the state at the time. She and her colleagues had the daunting task of encouraging students to approach training differently, without force and with compassion. 

Jennifer has proudly raised a variety of dog breeds and mixes over the years. Her personal favorites include English Shepherds and West Highland White Terriers. Both breeds are spirited, smart, and willing to learn. Jennifer also has experience in the veterinary industry, as well as in animal adoption services and cat training.

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I love seeing dogs who were previously fearful or reactive, learn to live and thrive in social settings.  


I love working with dogs whose owners truly believe their dogs are untrainable (which is never the case, by the way). 


I love seeing that lightbulb moment when a dog or their owner figures something out for the first time. 

  • Professional Experience:  I have over 25 years of professional experience as a dog trainer and behavior problem specialist.

  • Formal Education:  I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Psychology (with an emphasis on Animal Behavior) from the University of Washington in 2001.

  • Professional Education:  I am always looking to improve my skills and learn new techniques.  I continue my professional education by attending seminars from some of the world's most renowned trainers. 

  • Certification:  I received national certification as a professional dog trainer in 2006.

  • Mentoring:  I am a certified mentor trainer for Animal Behavior College.

  • Personal Experience:  Like many dog trainers, I started training dogs as a child.  I have experience in both pet supply and veterinary medicine.  I found my career in dog training back in college.  It was a perfect fit and I have been doing it ever since.

  • My animals:  I have had many breeds of dogs over the years, from Terriers to Shepherds to Labs.  I always have at least 6 cats in my home, and usually an array of small animals.  Each animal teaches me something new, something challenging, something that pushes me to learn and progress.  

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