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Training Philosophy

We are Fear Free and Force Free!

Pick of the Litter Dog Training believes in Positive, Dog Friendly Approach to training.  We use a wide array of rewards and motivation to teach dogs to be well mannered companions.  We know that rewards are specific to the animal, so we strive to find the appropriate and most effective reward for each and every dog we work with.  We often use treats to reward good behavior, but we also understand that your goal is to create a dog that responds reliably to your requests, even without treats.  So, we teach you how to effectively wean treats away when your dog is ready.  We help you to learn what motivates your dog to listen, be it treats, toys, playtime, chase, and even small but powerful rewards, like to ability to greet dogs or people and even chase a creature on occasion.  All of these rewards build better behavior from our dogs.  I want you to know that you will always have a variety of different rewards at your fingertips, depending on the situation.

We know that behaviors are likely to occur again and again if they are rewarded.  We also know that unwanted behaviors can be easily eliminated by teaching a better behavior as a replacement.  We also know the success of rewarding behaviors that your dog might offer that are incompatible with problem behaviors.  Additionally, dogs do what works for them.  We need to be keenly aware that we are not inadvertently rewarding these problem behaviors.  When this happens, we need to teach our dogs that these behaviors no longer work for them, thus extinguishing their flame.    These ideas are based on years of scientific study of how animals learn.


With positive training techniques, you will see permanent changes in your dog's behavior, which will give your dog a lifetime of good behavior and give you a happy relationship with your dog.  Your dog will eagerly participate in the training process and learn how to respect your household rules.


We teach students about the importance of having great timing.  We know that Clicker Training is an effective way to teach your dog about good behavior, plus it gives you great timing as their trainer.  When you have good timing, your dog will learn faster and with more precision. You are certainly not *required* to use the clicker if you would prefer not to, but we do think it is a great tool.


We teach students about the importance of being Great Leaders.  We know that leadership is important, and that dogs need rules and structure.  As a student, you will learn about leadership and the importance of life rewards.


We understand that each and every one of our students has different goals.  No two dogs are alike and thus no two people are alike.  You make the final decision about which behaviors are important to you.  We give you the tools and techniques to train those behaviors, in the quickest and most reliable manner.


We do not use intimidation, physical force, choke chains, pinch collars, spray bottles, or shock collars.  We don't think these tools have any place in modern dog training, especially when there are so many other effective techniques available to us.

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